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My name is Aditya, I am from Punjab. My age is 28 years. I have 8 girls in Choda yet. 4 of them were married and 4 the virgin Everyone's different tastes, different fun and different styles! This is my first story, then obviously I will start with my first girlfriends. The story is from 4 years ago today, I had a girlfriend. His name was Reema. He was very open with nature, Was just sexy Large hips, a thin waist and a slight color. ahmedabad escorts Reema's legs were quite curvy. In the 23-year-old Umar, the round of his 36-D size was a mute mommy. He knew that he is very sexy and the boy dies on his boots. He also shared this matter with me several times. I liked her nature. He considered sex as fun, no shame, no one, whenever we met, he enjoyed open sex talk, talking dirty talking and giving abuses in between. But we never had sex because we never got an opportunity to meet openly, she would say that if you get a chance at some point of time then you will be able to visit Jannat, see! One day it happened that his father, Dad, went to Ludhiana for a night's work. I had a call from Rima that nobody will be there at home this evening, you should not come and come on the night, because at that time his aunt will come to sleep with him, then we will not be able to meet him. I said that okay, I will come in the evening at 4 o'clock. These were on the day of winter, there was light rain and cold was very good. I quickly reached their house I called Rima and said that I came out of the house. He opened the door He was standing in front of me, escorts ahmedabad wearing a tight pink top and a tight pajama, he looked at his mammon right away, so thick and tender and round shape was his, my heart said that lottery is going to be today. I quickly came in and locked the door. He was going ahead of me and I followed him Seeing this big and thick ass, I was being mad. She was also deliberately walking on the ground, Matta Matka. His tight pants were clearly visible from inside the tight pajama. We went to his bedroom. There was a ghazak atmosphere. The light in the room, the fragrance of the perfume and the bed was laid on the bed. The bride was sitting completely ready. There was a juice in glass with beds as well. He told me to drink the juice of satis and said- I will come now! Saying that he went inside. I drank a little juice and then she came back. When he came in, he closed the door. She was wrapped with shawl on herself. He came to me and laughed and I looked at me. I woke up completely He told me- today something will be salty, just what was it, I pulled it on the bed. We both began to laugh That quote - Today, ahmedabad escort this cat is hungry, I want to chop the cream! I stripped my clothes. Seeing my clean and smooth cocks, he became laughing and mad. Then he lifted his shawl! Seeing so thick and hard, I was going crazy. She wore a black wired bra, which was making her mamma's shape better and better. I was just watching her breast. He notices this and said the words of Hans' hungry, only this thing set fire to me. I stripped him off of his pants. His stupidity was very clean, smooth, aromatic. There was a mole on the right side of Fudadi. If I asked about sesame, then he said with great pride - this is to prevent you from hungry eyesight. There was a girl of horror that was clean, she did not have any hair, on a jism, she was wearing an earring. ahmedabad call girls I lightly placed my lips on her stomach, She started taking cocaine and I started sucking stubbornness, after 10 minutes she said - I have to eat the cream! I said - eat, it's your cream, you will eat! He came over to me and pressed my cock in my lips. Weird joy was in her eyes, she looked in my eyes and she looked at me. I also gave an answer to the eye. He started sucking my cock. That quote - how much fat is done to kill you, you are this lund! I laughed and said- I see today how much more do you make it? Gazbee was having fun At that time the sexy voice started coming out of my mouth, she knew that now I am going to go, she got faster. I said - just do it, now it will go out! So that lie bidding, okay! And it got even faster than before. ahmedabad escorts agency Suddenly my petcher came out, the petcher came out and he got all the stuff. Suddenly he abused me - sister-in-law does not know what is left of the salted material left in my mouth, I fell asleep on the bed! 10 minutes we both lay down. After 10 minutes I made a mood again, my cock started to lick again, again the fire started inside me, I told Reema - please become a mare! He said laughing and eyeballs - no, not a mare, today I will make a bitch! So much so that the bitch with the bitch came in the pose. Baap ray papa, such a big ass, I was surprised. ahmedabad escorts service Then that quote- Now take your turn, take whatever fun you have! I spit out my cocks, put my cuff on his stomach and hit a little bit, This time the sound came out of my mouth. The bride's pussy was so tight that it was fun. If he had a pain, he slapped his hip and scolded her sister. I started having a joke, it was fun. He was giving the lanes - fuckin ', sister-in-law, chitya, tearing it, open it to him! Then she asked me to hold my waist tightly. I grabbed the waist tightly. I slapped 3-4 slaps on my ginger I do not know what happened to him, he pushed me and started sucking my cocks, saying - I have to see the taste of my stupidity! She licked my whole cock! I said - What kind of taste? So that quote - snacks, she had come over me. ahmedabad independent escorts I opened her bra and put her cocks in her pussy. What was wrong with her. Tiny soft soft nipple on big round mammals! I was also kicking her stupid and started sucking with her mum, I was having fun. She was quite open, I said - How did I feel like my cock? Then they laugh at the eye Then I came to know that he has also been fucked by my friend Jatin 4 times! Jatin was a known boy, he lived nearby. Then I came to know that Rima had had so much expertise with him. After that I laid Rima on her and kept both of her legs on her shoulders. I was pushing the push. ahmedabad models escorts There were voices of speech from the room. Reema said, 'You have excelled in the journey of the jannat, you are now going to walk the moon!' By saying so, she did not know how to tighten her stiffness. That moment was the most fun moment for me so far. Just after 3-4 shaking, I came to extract my belongings. He came to know that my material is about to leave, only then he pushed me behind the push and took my entire cocks in his mouth, after sucking the lips with his lips and tongue, he squeezed all my water. He again laughed and kissed me tightly. After that we again lay down on the bed.